German candle arches for Christmas time Schwibbogen and modern LED light arches from Germany


RATAGS Candle arch Christmas LED Pitman 17x12inches

$ 107.87 *

Candle arches Voltage Converter 110V/220V United States Canada

$ 19.58 *

German Candle arch Christmas 3D Craftwork+el.Pyramid LED 29x17

$ 491.40 *

Candle Arches elevation console large 32x3.2x4.4inch

$ 14.17 *

German LED Candle arch Christmas Frame House 3D 17x12inch

$ 236.25 *

German 3D Candle arch Christmas Acres of Land nature LED 29x12

$ 270.00 *


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)* including 19 % Tax excluding Shipping costs

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German candle arches for Christmas, LED light arches, Schwibbogen

Candle arches Christmas

German candle arches for Christmas and LED light candle arches Schwibbogen have their origins in the history of the mining industry at Christmas Eve. German Christmas candle arches Schwibbogen have a very long tradition in the Erzgebirge wood art.

This tradition evolved to today's candle arches, which we use as a Christmas decoration in german Xmas time. The candle arch from the Erzgebirge in Germany (Ore Mountains) is famous for its beautiful woodwork. Now much of our candle arches have a modern LED lighting.

Note: We are shipping worldwide. Also a typical run in 110V and suitable electrical connectors are available for electrical candle arches for many countries. The delivery time may be increased up to 2 weeks. Please specify in comments.

History of candle arches: When a happy mining year went to the end, on Christmas Eve the miners hung their miner's pit lamps at the wooden arch from the tunnel mouth hole of the mine. This curved crossbar was the arches form. For Christmas itself, the Mettenschicht, then the cottagers hung their lights as a light sheet on the wall. So they suggest the mouth hole of the tunnel from which they came out day after day after hard work out of the darkness of the mountain to light.

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Show 1 to 45 of 47 products