Candle arches Christmas

German Candle arch Christmas 3D At Xmas market LED 29x17inches

$ 676.41 *

No Christmas without Candle arches Schwibbogen. Get a personal piece of Christmas atmosphere into the house. Atmospheric illuminated indirectly is our Candle arch 3D from the Erzgebirge.

• 3D Schwibbogen, double Schwibbogen
• with indirect LED lighting 20-part
• 220V or 110V
• Size approx. 72x43cm, 29x17inches
• half-timbered house, colored figures, Christmas market stalls
• hand-carved fir-trees, toboggan-mountain, hoarfrost
• Wooden art from the Erzgebirge
• Erzgebirge Candle arch Schwibbogen

RATAGS Holzdesign HEIPRO Made in Germany

$ 676.41 *
)* including 16 % Tax excluding Shipping costs

Product No.: RAD9990-679-R
Weight: 3.500 kg
Shipping time: 7-10 Working Days1 
)1 This delivery time is only valid within Germany, for foreign countries here you will find the Delivery times.
The LED lights must not be disposed of with household waste at the end of its service life! Hints for disposal.

Interesting additional information about this item, see the Wikipage Schwibbogen.